NYS Food as Medicine Project Overview

The New York State Food as Medicine (FAM) Project was launched in June of 2022. The Food Pantries is coordinating the effort to institutionalize funding for FAM programs into NYS Medicaid. This project is funded by the New York Health Foundation and is in partnership with the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI) of Harvard Law School. Below is a summary of the 18-month project as well as more information about the collective planning efforts.

Coalition Building

A steering committee comprised of diverse stakeholders was formed in October of 2022 with a goal of supporting the process of drafting policy and practice recommendations for this project. Below is a list of the NYS FAM steering committee members.

In addition to convening a NYS FAM steering committee, 5 workgroups were developed and tasked with compiling research, data, and relevant lived experience to inform policy and practice recommendations.

FAM Project Resource Guide

Throughout our planning process, we will be collecting resources relating to working definitions of ‘Food as Medicine’ and ‘lived experience’, research on Food as Medicine, nutrition and SDOH policy, and other materials that are relevant to our project and broader efforts in support of integrating nutrition programs into health care delivery systems. Please use the link below to access our working guide, which will be updated regularly!