Natasha Pernicka

Executive Director

ex. 102

Angie Pender-Fox

Associate Executive Director

ex. 120

Peter Koniuto

Director of Development & Communications


Kathy Marco

Administrative Manager

ex. 104

Peter Crasto-Donnelley

Operations Manager

ex. 117

Angie Weber

Donor Relations Coordinator

ext. 114

Donna Comley

Administrative Coordinator

ex. 101

Matt Cuevas

Software Database Project Leader

ex. 118

Alex Alam El Din

Special Initiatives Manager

ex. 106

Stephanie McNear, RDN

Food As Medicine Coordinator

ext. 109

Libby Miller

Program Coordinator

ex. 116

Ken Logan

Program Operations Coordinator

ext. 107

Lydia Calabro

Engagement & Resource Coordinator

ex. 119

Victor Russak

Engagement & Referral Specialist

ex. 115

Curtis LeClair

Engagement & Referral Specialist

ext. 121

Our Team of Drivers

Sharone Beverly

Peter Borys

Doc Custard

Tessa Loux

Mark Schomer-Dodd